Everyone who has already started an activity knows this well. If your brand identity is well established and well known, you are at a good point. The recognition of a brand identity, in fact, is the extent to which your audience is able to identify you through a brand.  If you build a positive image of your business ensures you more sales and makes launches of new products or more effective offers, because if your brand is recognized it means that you have gained the trust of your customers and, therefore, their loyalty to your brand identity. But how to achieve all of this? The creation of Brand Identity or the identity of the brand is a process that every company should undertake to stand out and establish itself in the market.

Vesa Solutions as a very experienced digital company recommends some tips for your brand identity:

  • The Message

Ask yourself: What do you want to communicate to your customers? What is your mission? Your values? Those are the primary points for the slogan of your business, your motto what transmit your product when it is seen by customers, thus linking your message to the recognition of your brand. This means how brand awareness is created. But how you get it?

From an overview of your company’s strengths and weaknesses, take a look at the opportunities.  Think about how to make competitors, understand which goals you want and can reach together with your employees.  Further help could be to conduct surveys of the public. You can do it in social media, in Instagram stories, to know where you should direct your path, to whom to address your offer and how to manage communications with your customers.

  • The Consistency

Have you chosen a specific font, a precise size or a particular color?
Of course, everything about your business must be compliant. The images you use in posts on social networks, the typeface of captions, gadgets (folders, notepads, invoice sheets, pens, headed paper) and above all the logo, must absolutely reflect your choices and everything must be uniform. Remember the website, the telephone messages, the automatic signature of the emails, in short, do not neglect anything, because professionalism lies in the details.

  • What happens with brand identity after a rebranding?

Obviously it may happen, at some point, to need a “refresh”: to restart with new management, to remedy mistakes made in the past for defective products or negative experiences. A great expedient is to redo the look, but always remaining themselves. This also applies to business: sometimes a change in the color tone of your brand, simpler lines, a cleaner font, an update of contents or company policies, can bring a breath of freshness and novelty that will reconfirm your brand identity in the eyes of your loyal customers. Don’t be afraid to dare with a new logo!

The essential thing is to always have your business objectives clearly in mind. You can contact us at 416-628-3793. Vesa Solutions Team will be able to help and to advise you related to your business and its growth.