All of us have at least a social media account. It is now considered at the forefront of the Web. You need to take a swift look at online activities today. Practically, everyone who knows how to use a PC and log in to the Net has a social media account of some sort. Everyone can have accounts and profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Linked In, and other social media sites. People use these sites to interact with friends and loved ones; share photos, videos, links, and other information; play games, or search for something they have an interest in.

With people’s technological evolution, social media has grown its presence. Social media pages are not just tools for communicating and sharing. A lot of businesses use social media sites for promoting their products, services, events, and ideas. They help to reach out, interact, and get intimate with business markets. And ultimately, social media help to get revenue.

Is Social Media part of SEO or not?

Promoting a business through the clever use of social media sites is now part of search engine optimization. So, it undeniably has a great effect on the way information is discovered or shared. Furthermore, SMM looks like an instrumental element in an SEO campaign. Here are the main steps to understand the relationship between SEO and SMM.

  • Social Shares and Link Building

Link Building is a very important factor in determining if a site is a reliable and high-quality source of information. Commonly, businesses can ask a website owner to put a link in their blog posts that point back to the business’s website.

With the SMM presence, the strategy is to compose original content that is shared across social media sites. And as a result, links to a website on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media sites enable search engines to determine if the website is credible.

  • Viral Content

Have cases where certain content may be so interesting, fascinating, intriguing, or beautifully executed that it easily catches worldwide attention. But these types of content in a short time may be reached billions of people, and it is known with the term “going viral.”

This viral trend exploits the outstretched power of social media and if that viral content is linked or has a link to a website, then that website gets an incredible boost in popularity and ranking. As a result, it affects SEO growth too.

  • How Authoritative Are You

With the introduction of Google+, the Google search engine is better integrated with social cues. In particular, an author can associate his content with his Google+ profile so that his bio and account are linked to his content in a SERP. In simple words, an author’s listing appears on the search engine just below the link to his content or site. Related to Google’s latest algorithm, the credibility, recognition, and trust of an author are now taken into account when determining to rank.

Google+ has a larger percentage of search power because it’s part of Google, the largest search engine in the world. You have to know that Google creates the algorithms for search engines, it follows that Google+ will always be in conformity with those algorithms. That is why a Google+ account is a must if a business wants to ace up in Internet marketing.

Work with a Partner

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