Responsive Design

When we build you an easy-to-use, mobile-friendly website, we take all of the elements of your website and develop a mobile version specially tailored to be easy to navigate and gives your customers the information that they’re looking for while on the go.

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Mobile-Friendly Websites

There are two types of mobile websites – painful and painless. Painful mobile websites are difficult to read and frustrating to navigate. They’re usually a miniature version of a PC website, the mentality being “I have my PC website, so that’s enough.” With 1 in 4 mobile users expecting to access the web from their device at least once (or 100 times) a day, we don’t want our clients to fall into this trap. 
Website design changes every moment. Just think of how far technology has come since the first days of flash design over ten years ago. At Vesa Solutions, we stay on top of design trends and functions to create high-functioning websites to serve you long-term. Our team will customize a design for your company that is not only visually compelling, but will also have the functionality and advanced programming to deliver a steady stream of leads, clients and revenue.
This means creating a visually dynamic website with thoughtful coding, simple links, and clear, engaging text. And we go further. We think about where the text will be placed in relation to your images. We think about which images will create a cohesive motion on your website overall. We think about the user’s experience.

We do the research to discover your target audience and what captivates them the best. We incorporate calls to action and drive business to you. When you want a website that works for your business and produces results, we have the expertise to deliver.