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Digital Agency

Who we are?

Digital Agency Albania, dedicated towards building application that creates world class user experience across web, e-Commerce and mobile.

What we do?

Our work is built around a close-knit relationship with our clients: understanding, listening & asking questions are as important to us as designing, planning & coding beautiful websites.

Why we are good?

We believe that transparency of our actions will allow for building trust which in turn is a key to a successful business relationship. That is why we always give 100%! Only thanks to full engagement we’re able to inspire.

Our Skills

Vesa Solutions is big operation. We  are a Digital Agency that have technical, creative and business minds all working together to create flawless digital solutions, across both web and mobile platforms.









per hour




We pride ourselves in delivering the very best to our customers. That’s why we’ve invested a lot of time to refining a workflow that puts transparency and accountability first.

We have designed a process that ensures your project is delivered on time with optimum quality at a reasonable budget.

Our process


The meeting & the proposal – The process begins by meeting/phone call with our strategist to discuss & agree on all key elements of the project, including framework, navigation, content, functionality, target audience, desired outcomes etc. Based on this, our business development manager will prepare a detailed project proposal.


On approval, we will start with a workshop to discuss the project in detail and enhance the digital strategy by introducing your business’s market trends, mind maps and market intelligence. At the workshop, we present our strategy and implementation plan, simulate a typical scenario of your business process and address all your unique business requirements. The Wireframe is developed to transcribe all your business requirements into a technically visual document. In this phase, we will determine all the elements of a particular screen, the navigation between screens to understand the flow of your application.


We’re working with just a sketch now, but our UI experts definitely have the know-how to make it sparkle: defining the colour palettes, choosing the fonts, creating the layout, and literally building up the style guide for your project. Upon approval, we go through feedback cycles taking on board your comments and working together to make sure your vision is met.


While design is underway, requirements are being analysed by our technical team. We will produce an architectural diagram and set up a development environment. As the project reaches a functional state it undergo extensive usability testing and analysis. Our quality assurance testing is performed by our designers and QA. Based on project nature, focus groups and full independent evaluations can be conducted. Lastly, we also provide full training so your key administrators become experts at using and populating your new application.


Before launching, we do everything we can to ensure that there is a smooth transition. We pay close attention to where your site is hosted, maintenance and optimisation. Hosting – Once the application is fully built, tested, and all parties are satisfied. The deployment engineers will now set up an environment for it to be safely and efficiently deployed.


As Roger Pressman said in his famous book about software engineering, completing the project is only half work done. The other half is the application’s continuous maintenance process. Once launched we support you every step of the way as your site evolves. We can help build traffic, increase conversions and provide traffic analysis and user feedback tools.


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